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Business Advisory

To take your business to the level desired, you do not only need resources, you need knowledge and experience. PKF experts can support you at all stages of your projects and corporate demands.

Ratings, Management & amp; Strategy

  • Economic Evaluation Reports;
  • Financial Modeling;
  • Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) and Impairment Testing
  • Financial and Business Management;
  • Budgets, Costs and Princes;
  • Strategic Planning, BSC e KPLs;
  • Sectoral and Market Studies;
  • Business Inteligence (BI)
  • Business Plan;
  • Corporate Process Improvements;
  • Project Consulting:
  • Corporate Governance

Transaction Services & M&A

  • Margers Consulting & Acquisitions(M&A);
  • Diagnostics;
  • Financial, tax and Labor Diligence:
  • Support Offers:
  • Tax Structuring for Mergers and Acquisitions Process

Debt Capital Advisory & Restructuring

  • Captaç Structuring and Financing Alternatives;
  • Rating Advisory;
  • Advice of capital Markets;
  • Distressed M&A;
  • Crisis Management;
  • Cash Flow Projections;
  • Renegotiation and Restructuring of Financial Obligations;
  • Planning and Implementation of Turnaroud;
  • Advisory in Acquisition Finance.
  • IT Environment Diagnostcs

Diagnosis of IT risks and controls, and information systems in companies, with reports of improvement recommendations identified during the work.

  • Maturity Assessment of IT Processes and Controls

Evaluation of existing processes and controls in the Ti area of the companies according to the best practices in the market (ex. Cobit).

  • IT Risks and Control Matrices

IT risk identification assistance and the respective controls to mitigate these risks in Matrix format.

  • Governance Model for Information Security

Elaboration of information security policies and norms in accordance with good market practices,

  • Systems and Information Access Management

Evaluation and elaboration of user access management processes to corporate information systems, with the purpose of implementing the segregation of functions in the access profiles for each user.

  • Regulatory Compliance Management Plan (SOX, ISO, 27002, ISAE 3402/SAS70, CVM 541, 542, 543)

Business support to develop a process to follow up and monitor the fulfillment of its internal processes to the regulatory norms in the market.

  • Implementation of the Information Security Management System.

Assistance in the implementation of an information security management system in accordance with best market practices and international standards (ex. ISO 27002)

  • Modeling of IT Processes in Accordance with Market Frameworks (ex. Cobit)

Assistance and modeling of the IT processes of the companies according to the Market Frameworks of good practices of management and information security, as for example: Cobit (Control Objectives for information and relates Technology)

  • Business Continuity Plan

Elaboration and review of the procedures for the continuity and recovery of the operations that support the business of the companies. The Business Continuity Plan documentation is based on the best market practices for business continuity management.

  • Assistance in Software Selection and IT Tools

Assistance in the identification of the needs of the areas and processes, mapping of the necessary functional requirements, defined degrees of importance and criticality to allow the selection and acquisition of the most suitable computerized solution for companies.

  • IT Assurance and Audit Reports
  • Issuance of Reports SOC 1 - ISAE 3402/NBC 3402 (Old SAS 70)

Audit for issuing the report SOC 1 (Service Organization Control), types 1 and 2 to meet Standards ISAE 3402 e NBC 3402.

  • Reports for Coustomer Service CVM (No. 541, 542, 543 e 544)

Issuance of reports to companies that need to comply with CVM rules, such as CVM 542 for custody of funds and other standards issued by the Company. CVM.

  • Audit pf Electronic Drawings

Monitoring and Auditing of sweepstakes processes that have automated processes by electronic systems and that occur by Internet.

  • Audito f Electronic Elections

Monitoring and auditing of electoral processes, which have in their phases the use of electronic systems.

  • IT Internal Audit
  • IT Governance Environment Governance Assessment

Evaluation of IT governance processes in companies, their risks, controls and impacts to the business of the companies and how these processes are defined to meet the strategies defined by the companies,

  • Information Security IT Audit

Audit and evaluations of IT environments (data centers, CPD's, support for Information Security.

  • Use of Automated Tools in the Audit Process

Use of DATA & Analytics tools and TAAC (Computer Assisted Audit Techniques) tools to automate the audit process, giving more safety and quality to planned test results.

  • Audit of Compliance in IT Service Providers .

Implementation of compliance and IT governance program in companies' strategic and IT suppliers and partners.