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Our Values:


We have an appetite for progress. We strive to exceed our customers' expectations by being responsible, being created and walking an extra mile for superior results. We demand that our staff continue to grow, not only personally but also professionally, providing opportunity and training. We embrace diversity and respect as individual and cultural people. Above all, we encourage everyone at PKF Brazil to track and reflect on their relationships with customers. We are a PKF family.


We are consultants without borders, but always guaranteeing the ethical and independent work. Strong personal relationships allow us to work perfectly. We respond timely, charge fairly, and respect each other's relationships.


We initiated clear and direct action. We are open and transparent at all times. We are consistent with our approach. We convey our message clearly and concisely, avoiding jargon.


We apply the highest quality standards to our work. We adopt a policy of continuous improvement of employees and always meeting the requirements of our network. We are globally recognized and work in compliance with local and international requirements. We constantly question, review, and test our compliance with these standards by rigorously adhering to our quality review processes. We are part of the PKF Commitment


Our individual voice defines us in our local communities and markets, but our collective integrity is what sets us apart. We have shared standards and mutual respect for influential entrepreneurs and leaders, which broadens our voice and reach. We are individually recognized and have a strong sense of support and encouragement to make things happen.